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Frequently asked questions

We are always asked questions concerning access, operation and data security.

We want to provide answers on this page. Uncertainties in the operation, as well as technical issues can be solved very quickly. If you have questions or problems, please contact our technical support at .

What are the advantages of for me? offers an opportunity of secure communication with other users of and espionage safe work online. You can save and edit your data online without fear of unauthorized access. Internet can be used without censorship in all the countries of the world.

What's "virtual working environment" for me?
Virtual working environment means that you can use an online computer at within your browser or a terminal application.

What distinguishes of current cloud solutions, available on the market? is a dedicated service. This means that you know exactly where your data is located. The range of applications is freely scalable.

Does provide protection against viruses, Trojans and other malicious software? is no anti - virus software. You have the possibility to protect your data within the virtual working environment. It is enabled by the security architecture of the server where is your virtual workplace. Your local computer does only access.

How will protect me from espionage?
No one unauthorised can access your virtual workplace. The recording of communication is prevented by a graphical firewall. That means what you see is a graphical presentation of your virtual workplace. There is no transmission of text or readable data.

Can I use my data anytime and from anywhere?
You can do it worldwide. The only requirement is an adequate Internet - access.

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