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  +49 (0)9171 892245
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  WEB 3.0 Betriebstechnik GbR

  Brentwoodstrasse 29
  91154 Roth, Germany


To access your virtual work environment you have to run a VNC access tool on your computer, that you can download here.

Access by JAVA is not longer supported by our platform. We are planning to offer login by use of all HTML5 enabled browsers, that will work without installing any plugin granting access to all our services.

For Windows users Tight VNC is the appropriate software to be used to access your virtual workspace. Please click the following link:

VNC Access Software

When running the Tight VNC- client, please enter the following parameters as host address:

Start the process without entering a password. You will have to enter your user name and password on the blue portal screen.

If you have problems, please contact our telephone support

+49 (0)9171  892245     or      +49 (0)162  604 9991

or by email to:                                                                  other software tools

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