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Our technology

Flexible work from anywhere and on any device

WEB 3.0 is a technology that enables, among many other functions (also semantic web would be an example) to use a virtual computer workstation in Internet. This workstation is based on a virtual machine operating system, in our case SuSE Linux as an open source system. The graphical interface is simple and easy to use.

It contains a wide range of applications, which are pre-installed programs, as well as a number of options you know of a standard PC.

The difference is that you use a virtual workspace in Internet on a server, for example that is an Internet service provider, which means that your computer is used to access this virtual environment and you work interactively.

Access via Internet:
Using ordinary Internet - browser with installed Java plugin or a client software, regardless of operating system and manufacturer of your computer, laptop or tablet, you can use your virtual workplace and installed there programs depending on the quality of your Internet - access. This can be done from home, your job place or on the move. The appearance of your virtual workplace Internet does not change when you work on another computer or use a different browser.

On your workplace you have your own web server:
Each virtual workplace has web resources. This means that each user is able to publish passive HTML sites in Internet. You can connect this server to a domain (a public address) in Internet. This has no negative effect on the security of your documents on your online desktop. You can make changes of the content inside your web space and edit within the virtual desktop. There is no direct FTP connection from the outside.

File exchange with virtual workplaces:
The file exchange is effected from a secure network via FTP or SFTP. This function is also used for online backups, so you can store your data in a secure network. This FTP access does not connect to domains, which you use for your open sites in Internet. The files can be viewed in many formats within the virtual desktops.

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